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We understand that managing your business finances can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you better understand our financial management services.

Our pricing varies per your specific service and packages. You can download our Services Guide for a quick look and a more detailed look at our service offerings that aren’t captured on the website.
This expectation varies from client to client, but what’s most important is to have all business legal documentations accessible and prepared to share with our team.

Absolutely! Majority of our services require monthly or quarterly retainers and a deposit is required.

This is highly dependent on the project. Some requests are one-time or short-term deliverables which can be turned over in the matter of weeks. Other projects can be long-term which require ongoing support which can span out to months.
Yes, although Embell focuses primarily in the financial management area. We have loads of expertise in business management services. In our services guide you can find additional details on services we offer like our Business Starter Suite, Business Maintenance Suite and our Tax Prep Suite. Use this link to download and access now.