Who We Are

We’re a one-stop-shop that educates, inspires and equips business with the tools to build financial leverage, through financial and strategic planning. With a vision to strengthen and transform the financial health of small businesses accurately and effectively.

We want to help entrepreneurs feel empowered with their business finances. So whether you’re new to the entrepreneur space or have been in business for a while, Embell Consulting Group provides business owners with relief and guidance to scale their business to the next level.

We’re an Accountable Brand, An Informative Brand, A Dependable Brand!

Our Promise


We promise to be
patient and explain everything to you along the way, and work with you until we find the solution that’s best for your business.


We promise to handle
your finances with accuracy and professionalism.


We promise to
communicate with you throughout each step of the process.


We promise to take the
weight off of your shoulders so you can focus on the areas of your business you
enjoy and do best.

CEO Brand Story

Hi I’m Girlande and I believe that entrepreneurs should not struggle to understand, manage and leverage their business finances. As a result, I provide relief to entrepreneurs by providing resources and guidance that educate, inspire and equip businesses with strategic financial support.

I’ve obtained my Bachelors in Finance and Masters in Business Administration, and have collectively garnered experience in the following: 10+ years Tax Preparation, 8+ years Private Accounting, 5+ years in Budget and Strategic Planning.

Throughout my time working as a  financial manager, I’ve realized that new entrepreneurs weren’t equipped to handle the demands of running an entire company. I created Embell Consulting Group with one goal in mind – to help business owners succeed by managing their finances and operations while ensuring they have sustainable foundations for long-term success!

Our Awesome Clients